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Hold Off On Crowning Kentucky The 2010 Champion

UK guard Jodie Meeks, it seems, has decided he will stay in the NBA draft meaning John Calipari's first team in Lexington will still be plenty talented but also very young. Meeks decision to remain in the draft is interesting for a variety of reasons the primary one being the fact he is projected for the middle of the 2nd round. Staying in the draft without any kind of guarantee for a 1st round slot is a tad foolhardy especially given that a Meeks return would put Kentucky on the inside track for a national title. Take what you want away from this decision but for me it seems to indicate that Meeks either did not want to play for John Calipari or did not want to deal with so many talented guards taking a bite out of his playing time.

As for favorites next season, I still think the safe bet is Kansas who has all five starters back, brings in Xavier Henry and possesses the right combination of balance, talent and experience to win it all.