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It's Official: We Now Get To Complain About Missed Foul Calls Under The Basket

Well more so than usual with the added bonus of endless YouTube clips from any number of angles showing a defender was/was not under the basket at some crucial moment. Joy.

When you read Ken Tysiac's explanation of the rule which has now been approved by the NCAA, it sounds even more ridiculous than I first thought in terms of expecting officials to get it right:

If a help defender has even a part of a foot in that roughly 24-inch area and is involved in contact on a drive, that defender automatically will be called for a defensive foul.

Once more I wonder: How is the official supposed to be able an ascertain whether a player's foot is in the zone with the arch on the floor? The rule by definition requires the official to know where a player is in relation to the rim/backboard. If that is the case how an official to make that determination without looking up for the position and down to check the feet movement at the same time?

What will happen is the officials are going to do the same thing umpires in baseball do which is determine their own "strike zone" within the basic guidelines. That also means the charge zone is going to be different based on the referee and quite frankly based on the speed of the play, the number of players in area obstructing the officials' view so on and so forth. In the end there will be very little in the way of uniform enforcement of this rule and it sends shivers down my spine to think how much Karl Hess is going to botch this one up.