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Odds and Ends: Summer Boredom Edition

  • Ty Lawson did not have a good workout with the New Jersey Nets this week but according to the Nets execs it will not greatly impact him. Lawson also has plenty to say about needling Gerald Henderson over the Heels winning the title and high hopes for the 2010 Tar Heel team.
  • Pick-up games are underway in Chapel Hill with the 2009-10 team members taking on the alumni. If you have premium membership at IC, you can read the report here. I will not divulge much other than to the report indicated Marcus Ginyard looked good and Tyler Zeller led the team in scoring.
  • The N&O has an explanation as to why the "no charge arc" is not being painted along with the new "no charge" rule. It stems from such pesky business as when the print new rule books(every two years) and also the need for an experimental period. The good news is the Oversight Panel at the NCAA could opt to approve the arc and skip the experimental season which could see it placed on the courts by the 2011-12 season.
  • The ACC has decided to move the football championship game back to primetime. The ACC title game will be televised at 8 PM on December 5th. Outstanding! Now the ACC can put its game and half full stadium up against the SEC and Big 12 title games! Should be a ratings bonanza!