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The Revolving Door

First up is this article sure to be a tear jerker for some of you. Adam Lucas discusses moving day at the house rented by Tyler Hansbrough, Marcus Ginyard and Bobby Frasor. Ginyard did not feel right living there without the others so he is off to room with Deon Thompson and Marc Campbell.

They didn't seem to be in any hurry to leave. On the Friday of move-out weekend, they spent almost an hour reminiscing. A few house traditions were revealed: the "Big Saturday" football game-watching on fall Saturdays when Carolina was on the road, when two televisions were dragged into the den to maximize the available games; the recording of every Tar Heel basketball game, not to watch highlights but to play back embarrassing moments, like counting Hansbrough's steps on a non-called travel; and the photos of the players wearing Santa hats--Hansbrough's eventually became such a novelty that guests had their picture taken with his Santa picture.

College is a lot of fun and some of the best memories I had was hanging out with friends or teammates during my cross country days. These guys had an outstanding ride through college by anyone's standard.

As this crew moves out, according Inside Carolina Dexter Strickland and John Henson are coming in for the summer. Jonas will be waiting...