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Buster Sports: All-ACC Coaches Tournament

Buster Sports has put together an ACC Coaches Tournament bracket meant for the summer devoid of college basketball goodness. Needless to say an interesting idea.

The bracket can be seen here.

There are four eight coach regions. The #1 seeds are: Dean Smith, Roy Williams, Mike Krzyzewski and Everett Case.

In the first round #1 Roy Williams takes on #8 Bud Millikan of Maryland. #1 Dean Smith is up against #8 Leonard Hamilton which constitutes a gap the size of the Pacific Ocean between these two in terms of coaching intellect. I mean seriously, Hamilton does not even draw up last second plays for his team in the NCAA Tournament. Dean will cruise in that one. Bill Guthridge made the field as a #4 seed going against #5 Al Skinner, BC. Matt Doherty was unable to parlay his 2001 COY award into a tournament bid apparently.

Something for william to chew on: The #2 seed in Roy's bracket is Frank McGuire.