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For Anyone Still Upset About Stickergate

I give you this:

"I saw Jerry at the Nike All-America Camp in Indianapolis. I said, `Wow.' He was one of those guys who already had the body, and you knew he would fit the position he was going to play. He had a perimeter game that would be necessary because he wasn't going to be a center.

"I spent a little time recruiting Jerry (for Kansas). I went and sat down with him face-to-face at Oak Hill Academy. We met in Coach (Steve) Smith's office. I said, `Jerry, is there any chance you could really come to Kansas?' He was very nice, and he said, `I could see playing for you. But I don't know that much about Kansas.'

"I told him that was a good enough answer and told him we should move on. I told him I knew people were saying negative things about North Carolina, and they were probably saying that Coach Smith had too many players and he would limit Jerry's creativity. Jerry said, `Yes, that's what they are saying.'

"I looked at Jerry and I said, `I know you want to be an NBA player. Tell me any NBA team and I will call them on that phone. Within five minutes, I will have either their GM, their head coach, or their personnel guy on the phone. They'll tell you they would love to have any player from North Carolina on their team.'

"After all that, then I got a speeding ticket on the way back to Charlotte after meeting with him."

That right. After basically being told by Jerry Stackhouse that he would probably not go to Kansas, Williams proceeded to help UNC out by shooting down some things being said about Dean Smith and the Tar Heel program by other coaches. I hope Dean paid his speeding ticket for him.

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