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Heels Lose Another Football Player

Darrius Massenburg, defensive lineman, has been given a medical hardship and is no longer on the football team, according to IC:

He was listed on the 2009 spring depth chart three-deep at right defensive tackle earlier this year.

After missing 2008 Spring Practice with a broken wrist, Massenburg missed three early games last season as a result of arthroscopic knee surgery and moved from defensive end to tackle for the rest of the season. He registered seven tackles and two quarterback hurries in 2008.

It is obvious Massenburg has been plagued by injuries from the start of his UNC career and the decision to put him on medical hardship permits him to finish his education. Best wishes to him as he moves on.

In terms of the football side of things, Massenburg was three deep at right tackle but at the same time it robs the team of an experienced player who added some depth the defensive line. UNC is now well under the 85 scholarship limit so any talk of "waiver wires" and what not would be nonsense. The irony here is that eight months ago we had people running around like their hair was on fire screaming about Davis' overrecruiting and suggesting shady business was going down in the Kenan Football Center. Now it appears UNC has lost at least two players(Stahl and Massenburg) who were certainly welcome to stay and a third(Wooten) who likely left on his own accord. In short, some of this attrition has probably taken even Davis by surprise.