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MSU Wants To Run Like UNC

Being trounced by a combined 52 points in two games can make a believer out of anybody.

Via Fox Sports' Jeff "I'm Not The Only One!" Goodman(no link):

With the loss of Suton, it’s likely that the Spartans will play small this season – and that brought out a smile to Lucas.

"We’re going to try and switch our system and try and be like North Carolina," Lucas said. ``We’re going to run and gun."

Actually the change in offense has more to do with MSU being a smaller team. It should be noted, UNC was able to "run and gun" as Kalin Lucas says while being a balanced team in terms of interior and perimeter players. That is what made the Heels so formidable and one of the main reasons no one, except for LSU for part of the game, could check the Heels all tournament long. When you have can execute at that pace with few turnovers and have one of the best frontcourts in the country, there are tremendous limitations to what an opposing team can do to stop you.

Of course Lucas is paying the ultimate compliment here. He said something about wanting to run with UNC in the title game which brought copious laughs of derision from UNC fans who then said, "bring it on!" In this case he is acknowledging the awesome nature of the Tar Heel offense as deployed by Roy Williams. At any rate, it should be fun to watch the Spartans play up tempo in the Big Ten whose reputation for painfully slow games and high school girls' basketball boxscores is well established.