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Roy's Sporting News Interview

Roy Williams sat down with The Sporting News for a fairly wide ranging interview that covered very little in the way of basketball on the court. You can read the whole thing here.

Some of the questions revolve around where Roy perceives his place is among the great coaches and whether he can catch Bob Knight or not. Of course he demurs on these topics, says he does not pay attention to such things which is exactly what Dean Smith often said. Roy also readily takes a back seat to Dean and Kansas' Phog Allen when talking about where he ranks in the history of either school.

Roy also is asked about Stickergate again calling the criticism he received "silly." He also thinks Tyler Hansbrough leaves a pretty big hole having just exited stage right and he is not talking about points and rebounds.

One more tidbit, Roy says the 1997 Kansas loss to Arizona was his toughest ever. I would much prefer that his remaining UNC teams not do anything to top that one.