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Summer of Deon is Bronze

Not as good as the last one which was silver. Team USA finished up the World University Games by defeating Israel 90-81. Thompson had seven points and six rebounds in the win. Through ten games in his stint with Team USA, Thompson averaged 9.6 ppg and 5.9 rpg. Obviously we have long concluded that Thompson's performance in international play has little to no bearing on how he will perform playing in the ACC for UNC. Especially when one considers the rule differences and the fact Thompson's team was being coached by a guy who thinks scoring 70 points in a game is considered up-tempo.

Undoubted Thompson is anxious to get a break and perhaps return to Chapel Hill to get in on the summer pickup games. I expect he will be wondering what happened to Tyler Zeller who apparently has put on 20 plus pounds since the end of the season.