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UNC Finishes 2nd In Director's Cup

And the Heels would have beaten Stanford is it were not for the Cardinal and their freaking rowing team.

Well not really since it was a 270 point deficit. Still, UNC had an excellent year overall.

  • The Heels won two national titles: women's soccer and men's basketball.
  • UNC has two 2nd place finishes: men's soccer and women's lacrosse.
  • The baseball team made it to the College World Series.
  • The football team played in a bowl game.

Add to these team accomplishments the fact UNC put individuals into the first round of the NFL, NBA and MLB drafts. In short the athletic program is rolling which is even better when basketball is as dominant as probably any given point in the past four decades and the football program appears to be on the rise.

Congratulations are in order to the players and coaches in Chapel Hill as well as AD Dick Baddour. I am not sure you can say Baddour is necessarily doing anything other than keeping a steady hand on the wheel and allowing the coaches and players to get the job done. Baddour also keeps a fairly low profile which is ironic considering he has plenty to boast about. Constrast that, if you will, to NC State's AD Lee Fowler, who loves the sound of his own voice, cannot keep himself out of the limelight and based on the Director's Cup standings has the 2nd worst athletic program in the ACC, a scant three points ahead of Boston College. Maybe a little less talk and a little more action is in order for the Wolfpack.