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Basketball Tidbits

The offseason is never boring.

  • Hey, you know that women that was being investigated for attempted extortion of Lousiville coach Rick Pitino?  It turns out she did have something on him such as a previous sexual encounter which may or may not have resulted in Pitino giving her three thousand dollars for an abortion.  Also, the encounter took place on the table of a local restaurant after closing.  Classy.  I am not sure if Pitino will be forced to quit over this but I do know John Calipari just got a new recruiting pitch: "If your son comes to Kentucky, not only can we get around his 610 on the SAT but I promise not to commit adultery on a restaurant table with a crazy woman who might try to extort money from me later."
  • According to ACC Now, there is the potential for Wolfpack fans to face an undesirable choice in the NIT Tipoff semifinals.  Apparently Duke and Arizona St are on the same side of the bracket and assuming each dispatch the group of assorted cupcakes being sent into their respective gyms for consumption, we could see Mike Krzyzewski vs Herb Sendek at MSG.  I have talked to enough NCSU fans to know that the media will make a mountain out of a mole hill.  Most Pack fans are past Sendek and may even opt to ignore the whole thing.  Ken Tysiac thinks NCSU fans will side with Duke and K in this one.  I am not sure I would be so quick to take that bet.
  • Jeff Goodman is reporting that 2010 commit Andre Dawkins will be cleared to play by the NCAA and enroll at Duke a year early alleviating some of the pressure in the Blue Devil backcourt.  I am going to leave it up to you guys to spring the theories but it is interesting how quickly the NCAA is rendering a decision on this given its history of slowness on other matters.
  • Virginia Tech has a new basketball facility in which they immortalize one of the many instances Greg Paulus was dunked upon.  Which reminds has been a while since I have posted this:


That never gets old.