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NBC Sports Is REALLY Optimistic About The Tar Heels This Fall[UPDATED]

Update: Apparently NBC Sports was not that far off what the coaches think. The USA Today coaches poll came out and UNC starts the season at 20th.

Alternate title: NBC Sports accidentally posts last season's preseason top 25.

I am not saying UNC won't end up ranked by the time the bowls roll around. However, I have always been a realist and very much grounded in what I can prove with numbers and evidence. If I cannot make a clear case for something I opt for cautious optimism at best and at worst trying to play the reverse mojo card. At any rate, NBC Sports posted their Top 25 for the upcoming football season and UNC is ranked 16th.

Like I said, it could happen but right now there are more questions than a round of Jeopardy! Questions I will delve into in the very near future. It appears that Tampa Tribune writer, Joey Johnston who offered up the capsule for UNC is very high on the defense(no surprise there) and thinks the running game might be key. Not exactly earth shattering and one gets the impression that UNC got slotted here because someone is trying to buck the trend or they really like Butch Davis. Of course UNC is not the only odd ranking in this poll. Georgia Tech was ranked as high as 7th, a full six spots ahead of the team everyone assume will win the ACC, Virginia Tech. The main issue there is if you place a team in the top ten, that is implying on some level that the team in question could contend for the BCS title if things go just right. Anyone really believe the Jackets are BCS title material?

Me neither.