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Officially Speaking John Calipari Has Never Coached In The Final Four

So technically speaking, Kentucky is paying a coach who has never been to the Final Four four million per year.

According to Gary Parrish, the NCAA is set to vacate Memphis' 2008 Final Four appearance over the Derrick Rose SAT fiasco. Needless to say Mario Chalmer's three pointer and the subsequent play of Kansas in overtime saved the NCAA the embarrassment of having a title vacated. If you are talking about the runner-up or national semifinalist, no one cares if they have their appearance blotted from the record books.

The larger issue here is the fact that John Calipari has left not one but two programs and immediately following his departure, parts of their NCAA success were wiped from the record books. In some respects, Calipari was let off the hook for the mess at UMass because it was seen as a one player issue who committed illicit acts outside of Calipari's knowledge. Now we have another school who has been smitten by the NCAA in Calipari's wake as he sailed for greener pastures. Calipari's apologists will say he has never personally been implicated but just because the hired hand was the one who left the barn door open does not mean the farmer wasn't watching from the front porch when it happened.

Not that UK fans will care. "Success at any price" is and always has been the way of things in Lexington.

One more thing: The record for wins in a season, which Memphis broke with 38 has now been reverted back to the previous record of 37. Nice work John!