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Okay, This Is Starting To Look Like A Problem

A third UNC player has popped up on the legal system radar. Anthony Elzy has a court date for marijuana possession(and note that I even hesitate to name the charge because there is no telling what Google ads will do with it the next time their bot sweeps through.) According to ACC Now, Elzy is due in Orange County Court on August 24th to answer the charge. Apparently this has already been dealt with by Butch Davis in the form of some unspecified discipline.

Let me just go on record now and say on one hand, I understand that with close to 100 guys ranging between the ages of 18-22 years old living attending a major college that has over 20,000 students, this sort of thing is bound to happen. On the flip side, I really wish they would cut this kind of crap out. Three Heels over the past three months have run afoul of the law, though Donte Paige-Moss gets a semi-pass since his incident was with a teammate and really should have been an internal matter. Kevin Bryant went ahead and fell on his own sword apparently by asking for a leave of absence then deciding not to come back(or was told not to which is fine.) In Elzy's case there really is no excuse and he should have exercised better judgment. Whatever discipline Davis handed down, I am hoping it was substantial enough to make a point to both Elzy and his teammates.

Of course if The Coach Who Shall Not Be Named was still around, Elzy would have been toast.