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Peeking At the 2009-10 Basketball Schedule

Via ACC Now, who gets ahead of the curve by piecing together the ACC schedule prior to the anticipated release around Thursday.

Here is what UNC's 16-game conference slate looks like:

Twice: Duke, N.C. State, GT, VT, Wake
Home only: FSU, Miami, UVa
Away only: Clemson, BC, Maryland

The immediate red flags that offer the greatest possibilities of a loss are: @Clemson, @Maryland and @Georgia Tech. UNC has a two game losing streak in College Park going back to 2007. Playing in Atlanta is a little like entering the Bermuda Triangle, so much so, Tyler Hansbrough rode the bus back from Georgia Tech in 2007 because of the weather. Playing in Littlejohn is always dicey business to say the least and playing at BC will not be a cake walk either. In fact all of the road games are potential pitfalls but this is the ACC and it has always been that way.

Joe Giglio identifies Georgia Tech, NC State and Wake Forest as being the "losers" but not only does Duke have the traditional home-away with UNC and Maryland but they also see BC, Clemson and GT twice. Those are three teams with legit interior threats and good enough guard play to hurt the Devils. In fact Duke's road record versus those fives teams last season was 2-3. Duke's schedule will be a challenge.

And yes, nothing like an easy schedule to introduce Tony Bennett's "style" of basketball.