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Roy Not Interested In Holding "Elite Camps"

First off, background which you can find in full here.

The short version: Duke's Mike Krzyzewski has decided to hold a two day basketball camp which will bring in elite high school prospects.  Florida, Maryland and Oklahoma among others have all used these camps which are widely seen as a means of getting recruits to campus on unofficial visits.  While such camps are perfectly legal, it makes the NCAA a little uneasy.  As Robbi Pickeral points out in her article, the fact Duke is having such a camp is tantamount to Krzyzewski renting a billboard on 15-501 announcing that Duke is having serious issues recruiting top talent.

When the question was posed to Roy Williams about whether UNC would want to host this type of camp, he basically said he wanted no part of it.  Not because he thinks it is wrong per se but rather because it means you have to answer more questions from the NCAA which is probably as annoying as it sounds.

It's so ambiguous as to what you can do,'' he said. "It's so ambiguous as how to do it. It's so much in the gray area to me .... There's a place for them, and a lot of coaches I talk to have had them. But... you're walking a tightrope with some of the issues and some of the questions, that I'm not comfortable doing that. And please understand, somebody else can do it ... I have zero problems with it. It's just I don't want to fight those questions, fight those issues, fight that step -- right, left, fall off the cliff, I don't want to do those types of things.

Roy then went on to relate a story of how the NCAA questioned the fact the UNC coaches watched game tape on the bus ride him home from Winston-Salem.  Since the players were also on bus it was scrutinized since players cannot be compelled to participate in a meeting or practice immediately following a game.  While it is not surprising the NCAA would ask, what was surprising about it was the fact it was reported by someone who saw Roy's game tape watching habits mentioned in a Sports Illustrated article. Because of that and no doubt other issues(Kansas graduation gifts for one) Roy would rather not deal with having to ask so many questions when he could be out playing golf.

The fact Roy does not want to deal with the hassle is really beside the point.  UNC does not need to have these types of camps because Roy has had little trouble getting the recruits he wants.  If Duke were still getting the same caliber of player they once got, Krzyzewski would be working on Team USA practice schedules rather than running a camp for elite prep basketball players.  Duke's recruiting ain't the best in the ACC at present, so Krzyzewski is hoping a weekend with Wojo and Collins will rehabilitate the Duke image to some extent though the fact Wojo and Collins will be involved may pretty much neutralize the effort.

I would also point out that the other schools mentioned like Maryland, Oklahoma, Florida and NC State are not making the same types of recuiting hauls UNC has been pulling in lately.  Maybe it will work different for Duke but on the surface I would question how effective these types of camps truly can be in changing a program's recruiting outlook.