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Rush The Court: UNC Team of the 2000s

Really, it's Roy's World, everyone else are squirrels just trying to get a nut:

Maybe we should just call it the Decade of Roy Williams. After all, most of Carolina’s success in the 2000s is directly attributable to Ol’ Roy. If you consider his 111 more wins at Kansas, three more trips to the NCAA’s second weekend and two additional F4s in the decade, you’re looking at a coaching juggernaut. But Roy isn’t North Carolina and UNC isn’t Roy – it only feels that way. This is about UNC, and despite a one-season blip in 2002-03 that time has forgotten, mostly accounting for their relatively poor overall winning percentage, the Heels have the goods in almost every other way. Were they as consistent as Duke or Michigan State? Nope. Were they as much of a conference titan as KU or their hated rival in Durham? Nope again. But their numbers stack up very well in all categories across the board, and they’ve utterly dominated the second half of the 2000s in much the same way that Duke/Kentucky lorded over their respective halves of the 90s. From 2005-09, the Heels have won two national championships with completely different casts, went to another F4, lost in OT in an Elite Eight and lost in the second round against the biggest Cinderella of the last quarter-century. Not. Too. Shab.

The fact UNC still made #1 with the Doh Years in the mix is pretty freaking amazing. That, more than anything else, speaks to just how good the Heels have been in the past five years. Stop and think about the world we were living in circa 2001-2003. Duke ticked off another title, won the ACC Tournament almost every year and the Heels posted an 8-20 record in 2002. Quite frankly I am surprised many of us survived. Now the worm has turned and in many respects it happened about as quickly as it possibly could. Kudos to Roy on multiple levels. One for assuming control of a program which just dumped the coach amid an open player rebellion, getting the house in order and producing a title by the end of the second year. Secondly, as an encore , Roy then brought in two full recruiting classes and meshed that group into a unit that won 30-plus games three straight season capped off with the 2009 title.

About the only accomplishment I can think of that would top what Roy has done so far is to repeat as national champions in 2010. Anyone up for that?