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Sexton's Cheering Section

Former UNC quarterback Cam Sexton, who opted to graduate and then play Division II football at Catawba, led his new team to a 25-7 win over St. Augustine's in Raleigh. Among those in the crowd supporting the former Heel were Marcus Ginyard, Deon Thompson, Marc Campbell and several of Sexton's former teammates including T.J. Yates, Kendric Burney and Quan Sturdivant.

"It’s real emotional for me,’’ said Sexton, a part-time starter last season who transferred during the offseason because he knew a healthy T.J. Yates would start at Carolina this season. " You get calls all week, ‘we’re coming, we’re coming, we’re coming,’ but you don’t really know who’s coming or not. And you walk in, and half the stands are just filled with my former teammates – even Coach [Butch] Davis’ son is here. All the basketball guys could be doing whatever they want to be doing, but they’re my best friends, and they showed up to support me. That’s why I love them, I really do love them."

We often hear talk from Roy Williams about UNC being a family and what it means to be part of the Carolina family. Undoubtedly many programs and schools express similar sentiments. In this case, we see those sentiments in action.