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THF Vacation Open Thread

I am heading to the beach with THF Family after which we will delve head first into football.

In the meantime, go ahead and chew on this hard hitting piece from Gary Parrish who basically asks why Duke got a free pass over Corey Maggette when Memphis had their season vacated when both were guilty of using an ineligible player.

For those unfamiliar, here's the deal: A summer basketball coach named Myron Piggie made cash payments to Maggette when the elite recruit was still in high school, and that money came from a revenue pool that included donations from at least two sports agents. Connect the dots, and it's clear Maggette benefited from money supplied by agents, meaning his amateur status was compromised. Still, none of this was public knowledge at the time. So the NCAA cleared Maggette to play at Duke, and he helped the Blue Devils reach the 1999 Final Four before entering the 1999 NBA Draft.

Less than a year later, a federal grand jury handed down an 11-count indictment of Piggie that details the payments to Maggette. Piggie cut a deal and admitted to making the payments; Maggette admitted to receiving the payments. So none of this falls under the he said/she said umbrella, and the NCAA's Jane Jankowski was quoted in April 2000 as saying that the NCAA "will have to determine if Duke, in fact, had an ineligible player in the NCAA tournament. And, if so, what monies would have to be returned for use of an ineligible player."

Fast-forward nine years, and nothing.

Despite promising to do so, the NCAA has never officially determined if Duke, in fact, had an ineligible player in the NCAA tournament. It just sort of went away, disappeared, and that 1999 Final Four still officially belongs to Duke. Yahoo! Sports Dan Wetzel wrote about the case in 2004, reintroduced it to the public consciousness, and the NCAA basically responded by not responding at all. Why? Because the governing body doesn't typically comment on ongoing investigations ... or even ones that have apparently been shoved to the side forever.

Duke benefited from a double standard? Surely you can't be serious!

See in a week.