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#21 UNC vs The Citadel

When: Saturday, September 5th, 6:00 PM
Where: Kenan Stadium, Chapel Hill, NC
TV: None
Records: Opener for both teams

Now we get all of our questions answered right?

Probably not but that is not to say this game is unimportant. It is basically akin to a preseason game that will permit the Heels to work out the kinks prior to seeing teams that actually have a shot at beating them. If you saw NCSU play SCAR Thursday night you realize there is something to be said for having a throwaway game like this one. In fact a game like this is very much akin to jumping into the swimming pool and getting acclimated to the water before you start swimming.

The one Tar Heel who probably needs it the most is Joshua Adams who will be playing in Dwight Jones slot at WR. Jones will be out 2-3 weeks which means Adams is going to see significant action versus UConn and possibly ECU. Adams is a true freshman who enrolled in January so he has been able to adjust some. Getting that first game in can hopefully get him ready for action against BCS competition.

As for the rest of the Heels, UNC has a lot of experience across the board so other than usual first game of the season jitters, I expect they will play at a high level against an overmatched opponent. In short, these games tell us very little but should be entertaining to watch nonetheless.

UNC 35 The Citadel 3