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ACC Week #1: Review


What else can you say? The ACC went 4-6 against the non-conference schedule including two, yes, two losses to I-AA schools.

Duke and UVa catch the most grief for being to the two teams who failed to hold the line against the lower division. Duke is like the child who has been potty trained for a year but then decides to wet his/her pants in the middle of Target. I was under the impression Duke was past losing to I-AA schools, even ones that are defending champions. Apparently I was wrong and now someone needs to change the Blue Devils' underwear and give them a stern talking to about what it means to be a big football team. I am not sure why Virginia does not go ahead and fire Al Groh now. It is going to happen at some point this season, might as well do it now and start courting Skip Holtz.

The fact that NCSU, Virginia Tech and Maryland lost was not a huge surprise. The former pair were at least competitive to a point and the Hokies looked a sight better than Clemson did a year ago versus the same team in that same building. Maryland got smoked so we will have to wait and see if the Terps actually have anything substantive to offer going forward.

Wake Forest might rate as the biggest disappointment of the season losing at home to a Baylor team they should have beaten. The Deacs were mistake prone all game and Jim Grobe has some work to do in Winston-Salem.

Clemson, Boston College, UNC and Georgia Tech all took care of business versus their duly assigned cupcakes.

FSU-Miami was the only conference game on the schedule and it ended up being the best game all weekend. In true Canes-Noles style it was a back and forth affair that included some shaky kicking won by Miami when FSU's Christian Ponder threw an incomplete pass in the endzone as time expired. Miami got an important win for the ACC standings and FSU is behind the eight ball to start off in the Atlantic. I suppose the weekend was not a total loss in that regard for NC State.

Perhaps Week #2 will be better but this kind of crap gives serious credence to the suggestion that college football teams be permitted one exhibition game. Frank Beamer and Tom O'Brien are apparently both championing this idea.

Record Last Week: 6-5