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ACC Week #2: Review

Much better in that "well at least they won" sort of way.

In short the ACC won all of their non-conference games save UVa losing to TCU(no surprise) while simultaneously playing an entertaining game between Clemson and Georgia Tech.

Virginia Tech, NC State and Boston College all won big. In fact NCSU had so thoroughly beaten Murray St. they essentially stopped passing the football in the fourth quarter. VT and BC cruised easily over their prey.

UNC, Duke, Wake Forest, Maryland and FSU all sweated out their games before pulling it out. Maryland needed OT to kick James Madison to the curb and avoid an 0-3 ACC record versus the CAA. Florida St. did their best sleepwalking impersonation against Jacksonville St. Not the performance most expected from FSU against a team that was barely alive when GT whipped them by 20 last week,

Speaking of Georgia Tech, their passing game sucks in ways I cannot possibly begin to describe. Even with that the Jackets managed to outlast Clemson to get an important conference win.

Record This Week: 8-2