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ACC Week #3: Review

Actually a good weekend for the ACC. Maryland and UVa continue to disappoint with the Terps losing to Middle Tennessee for the 2nd straight time. UVa had a 17 point lead...twice...and still lost to Southern Miss. Duke lost to Kansas but we all knew that was going to happen.

On the plus side, Virginia Tech, down 15-10 pulled a touchdown out of their rear orifice to beat Nebraska with a scant few seconds left in the game. FSU on the other hand must have decided to use all of the offense they failed to use versus Jacksonville St to demolish #7 BYU on the road. These two wins along with UNC's takedown of ECU at least gives the ACC a little credibility on the national scene.

NCSU and Wake Forest rolled over their respective FCS foes.

On the conference docket, Miami established themselves as possibly the best team in the ACC by dominating Georgia Tech. Either that or GT is just not as good as everyone thought. UNC now faces a Yellow Jacket team looking to avoid an 0-2 start in the ACC and elimination from the division race. Clemson handled Boston College through to weather delays which keeps the Tigers on track to contend in the Atlantic Division.

Record This Week: 8-2