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ACC Week #4: Preview

If we were doing the whole ESPN hype machine marketing we could call it "Judgment Day" or "Week of Reckoning" or "Wow That Team Is Not Nearly As Good As We Thought It Was." Plenty of meat on the ACC schedule which is automatically true based on the fact UVa has a bye.

Miami at Virginia Tech: A win by Miami here and the words "national title contender" will be thrown around with wreckless abandon as well talk about "swagger" and "The U is back baby!" Miami will be looking for their 3rd straight win over a ranked opponent to burnish their top ten credentials as well as get inside position in the Coastal Division.

UNC at Georgia Tech: UNC can pretty much put Georgia Tech out of its division title chase misery with a win and at the same time move to 4-0 with a fairly clear path to an October 22nd showdown with FSU on Thursday night. GT is hoping to turn things around after the loss to Miami and really not playing well versus Clemson the week prior.

Pitt at NC State: Quick question: Does NCSU have any road games this season? The Pack are still an enigma wrapped inside a mystery or something. I heard that on a TV show once and thought it applied here. Anyway. It is difficult to get a read on NCSU. The loss to SCAR told us nothing because of the way SCAR handled their next three opponents. Wins over Murray St and Garnder-Webb likewise provide nothing in the way of real information. Pitt was picked to win the Big East so we can presume this will be a bit of a challenge for NCSU. In short if NCSU loses, that tells more than if they win.

TCU at Clemson: Another pride of the ACC game. TCU whipped UVA two weeks ago and Clemson has shown itself to be a possible contender in the Coastal Division. This is really a game the ACC could use for reputation's sake though it has no bearing on the race for the ACC title.

Wake Forest at Boston College: BC is toast should they lose. An 0-2 start with two losses in the Atlantic will end any hope of a division threepeat for the Eagles. Wake looks like a team that has found its footing after a shaky start.

Rutgers at Maryland: I honestly do not care. Maryland has made me not care about them and that cannot possibly be a bad thing right?

NCCU at Duke: I am assuming Duke can handle lowly NC Central. No problem right? Right? The fact I have to ask the questions continues to disturb me.

South Florida at Florida St: After FSU found there offense against BYU I expect more of the same especially since South Florida has yet to play anybody. Western Kentucky, Wofford and Charleston Southern have been the Bulls' opponents so far which means they are in for a rude awakening by comparison versus the Seminoles.


Miami 21 VT 10
UNC 24 GT 20
Pitt 27 NCSU 20
Clemson 31 TCU 17
Wake 23 BC 13
Rutgers 33 Maryland 17
Duke 39 NCCU 7
FSU 38 SF 14