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ACC Week #4: Review

What we learned.

1. Virginia Tech is still the class of the ACC, Beamer Ball is alive and well in Blacksburg and someone up there found an offense.

2. The U is not back. Sure Miami took some nice strides back towards the relevance of old but as far as the Canes being a national contender and Jacory Harris being a Heisman Trophy candidate, it ain't happening this year. Sorry, no refunds on those T-shirts.

3. Rumors of Georgia Tech's demise were greatly exaggerated as were over the opt criticisms of Paul Johnson's offense. The Yellow Jackets are who we thought they were.

4. UNC needs an offense, particularly a running game. T.J. Yates could stand to be more consistent and Casey Barth could stand to be accurate a little more often.

5. NC State is on a roll after storming back to knock off Pitt. The question is whether the 500 plus yards and 38 points was a product of a bad Pitt defense or a stellar Wolfpack offense?

6. Wake Forest seems to be regressing and Boston College is not as dead we all assumed.

7. Florida St. is the very definition of inconsistent or very much a team laboring under a head coach who really needs to retire so he can take more naps because it seems to be rubbing off on them.

8. Maryland sucks on so many levels. Duke only won because they played an overmatched NCCU team.

9. Clemson had issues with TCU but is still plenty of viable in the Atlantic Division.

10. UVa spared everyone this past week by having a bye week.