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Alumni Game Rosters Set[UPDATED]

Update: The N&O is saying that Tyler Hansbrough's shin injury ultimately nixed the 2005 vs 2009 matchup so they formed the teams using a draft instead.. Also, the game will not be televised or on the radio because the NBA has rights over their players or something monumentally stupid like that.

These were set using a draft which had Phil Ford and Pat Sullivan picking players and Roy Williams playing the role of David Stern. Since they opted for this model we are denied 2005 vs 2009 goodness. Tyler Hansbrough will not play due to a shin injury so any 2005 vs 2009 matchup would have been pointless anyway. Here are the rosters via THB:

Blue Team
Shammond Williams
Ed Cota
Ty Lawson
Vince Carter
Dante Calabria
Jawad Williams
Wayne Ellington
Rashad McCants
Brandan Wright
Sean May

White Team
Brendan Haywood
Raymond Felton
Bobby Frasor
Jackie Manuel
Jeff McInnis
Danny Green
Marvin Williams
Rasheed Wallace
Antawn Jamison
Jerry Stackhouse

Interesting breakdown. This is clearly size versus shooters. Seriously, if the Blue team puts up less than 40 three pointers something is seriously wrong. The Blue team will have the #1, #2, #4 and #7 ranked players in Tar Heel history for three pointers made in a career. What's more, with Lawson and/or Cota out there, the fast break is going to be something to watch, especially with Carter and Ellington running alongside. On the White team, not much in the way of shooters but challenging a frontline that includes Haywood, Jamison and Marvin Williams. Add Green, Wallace and Stackhouse to the mix for what is sure to be some imposing play on the interior. I would also venture to say the White team sets up as a better defensive unit with Manuel on the perimeter and three of the top ten in UNC history for career blocks with Haywood, Wallace and Green. But who am I kidding, no one is going to be playing defense in this game.