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And Then Came The Swine Flu

or H1N1 as it is officially known.

Bobby Rome(who I failed to note in my injury report post) and Jordan Nix have been diagnosed. All three were promptly sealed in a chamber inside the Kenan Football Center quarantined from the team. Neither have practiced nor will they travel to UConn. Terry Shankle is also listed on the injury report as being questionable with "illness" but today's announcement from UNC indicating that Rome and Nix have H1N1 did not mention Shankle. Hopefully these guys recover quickly and this has been contained as UNC hits a rather meaty portion of the schedule with UConn-ECU-Georgia Tech in succession.

It should be noted that Duke dealt with this throughout preseason camp with twenty plus Blue Devils sidelined. Duke then promptly lost to a I-AA team. Of course so did UVa but no reports of H1N1 in Charlottesville just a chronic case of Al Groh.