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Ginyard Already Assuming Leadership Role

A little nugget from SI's write-up of the Pro Alumni Game concerning Marcus Ginyard:

So far, he says everything's going well. From organizing the team's frequent pickup games to their offseason workout schedule to what the players can wear to Carolina football games ("nicer than what you'd wear to class" he says), Ginyard's embraced the captain's role, thanks to some help from 2006 captain David Noel.

But for Ginyard, organizing pickup games might be the easiest part of the season. Once the year begins, he will be charged most often with pointing the way for the vastly inexperienced Heels. Despite their many losses off the court, if preseason hype is any indication, most pundits aren't expecting to see many losses on the court this year.

"We expect this ballclub to be in [the Final Four] trying to win a national championship," Ginyard said. "It's going to be a completely different team than last season, but we know we have the talent to get to where we need to be."

Like David Noel, this is a role Marcus Ginyard was born to take. He is just a natural leader, smart and clearly has a good head on his shoulders. Hopefully his game has returned and improved after the foot injury last summer to go along with his already stellar work getting his teammates ready to defend a national title.

If you are on Twitter, Ginyard updates his feed fairly often and it is a nice glimpse into the life of a UNC basketball player. Check it out.