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Ginyard-Davis Twitter Bet

The Daily Tar Heel picked up on this interesting exchange between Marcus Ginyard and Ed Davis on Twitter:

Here's the back and forth between the two:

@eddavis32: yall cant let marcus ginyard pass me on followers
@MG1NYARD: come on @eddavis32, its not a competition bro...
@eddavis32: @MG1NYARD everything is a competition
@MG1NYARD: well in that case, looks like i'm winnin
@eddavis32: @MG1NYARD say no more
@MG1NYARD: tired of lookin at @eddavis32 and his followers, back to work
@eddavis32: What should me and @MG1NYARD put on the line
@MG1NYARD: @eddavis32 12am sun morning, whoever has more followers by then has to buy the other's jersey and wear it mon-fri. EVERYDAY 4 a week. DEAL?
@eddavis32: @MG1NYARD i got a better deal to every home football game
@MG1YARD: @eddavis32 I love it! That's a bet.
@MG1YARD: alright everyone, its campaign time...tell ur friends what's up and may the best man win
@MG1YARD: haven't I suffered enough? Sitting out a whole year! Don't make me wear that nasty 32. No disrespect @RashadMcCants

The gist of it is at 12 AM Sunday morning, whoever has the most followers on Twitter wins. The loser then has to buy and wear the other player's jersey to all the remaining home football games this season. Here are Twitter feeds for both Ed Davis and Marcus Ginyard. As of this posting Ginyard is winning 1342-1323.

Hat tip: THF reader DSchwind