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Heels Drop Five Spots In AP Poll; Correction: Unchanged in Coaches

Correction: I initially posted this as a drop in both polls because a day of playing golf in the bright NC sun fried my brain and I failed to do a basic fact check. The coaches poll aka USA Today left the Heels at #19.

If you were wondering how solid that #19 ranking was you have your answer now: Very Jello-like in nature.

Despite moving to 2-0 with a win over UConn voters in the AP poll saw fit to move UNC down to #24. Apparently the Tar Heel offense was so ugly on Saturday that it psychologically scarred the voters and served as a cinder block around the Heels' collective ankles. Not that this is necessarily wrong. It could be argued UNC did not look like a Top 25 team and the drop in ranking was appropriate. The issue I have is with the poll voting logic employed here which is a little like trying to interpret postmodern art. UNC was ranked #21 in the preseason and moved to #19 with their beatdown of The Citadel. After UNC knocks off an honest to goodness BCS conference team that will likely go to a bowl UNC gets dropped five spots. In short it does not make much sense. UNC probably should have stayed at #21 following the win over The Citadel so any drop by the voters follows a more logical thought process.

Then again who am I kidding, if the polls were logical, no one would want a playoff.