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High Stakes In Atlanta On Saturday

My latest post at Raycom Sports UNC blog:

For UNC, this game is all about opportunity. UNC’s 3-0 start this season is the best opening win streak since 1997 when the Heels started 8-0. With a hapless Virginia team the following week and FCS team Georgia Southern after that, UNC has a good shot at starting the season 6-0 should they beat Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Yes, the back half of the schedule is brutal but nothing builds confidence better than getting off to a hot start. In terms of the ACC race, UNC can kill multiple birds with one stone. For starters it is an ACC win and puts UNC in the mix with the winner of the Miami-Virgina Tech game being played later in the day. Secondly, a win against Georgia Tech all but knocks the Yellow Jackets out of contention and at minimum places them behind UNC in the pecking order going forward. Finally, a win on the road is well…a win on the road. Not only is it like stealing something that does not belong to you but where UNC is concerned is another statement how far this program has come in only three years. Prior to last season, the Heels were infamous for not being able to win outside of the state of North Carolina. UNC broke that losing streak last season and this season already has a win at UConn. Another win on the road not only gives the Heels a game that is really a toss-up but it provides this team a sense that they can win anywhere.

The rest of the post can be found here. This is a huge game for the Heels and the Yellow Jackets. UNC can take a huge step forward with a win.