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Michael Jordan's HOF Speech Was...Um...Interesting

According to some not a good "interesting" either.

The speech is posted in three parts below starting with the video montage to introduce him. The speech itself has received a lot of negative attention.  Words like "arrogant" and "total lack of appreciation" have been used in reference to the speech.  The speech was entertaining but also had an uneasy vibe to it as Jordan talked at length about his competitive nature to the point of conceit. Jordan also took the opportunity to call out every major slight anyone has directed at him which included talk of how angry he was for not being included on the SI cover in 1981 that included four UNC starters and Dean Smith. Jordan felt he should have been on the cover but Dean being Dean thought it was not appropriate for a freshman. I will let you be the judge.  It can be argued that Jordan is in such rarefied air that this attitude, such as it is, comes with the territory.  On the flip side, you have to wonder whether that was the proper place for this kind of speech.  HOF speeches are often characterized for their humility, gratitude and general appreciation that they are included in such distinguished company. Jordan did not go that route, and as Sean May said on Twitter did he really gain anything by doing the speech versus saying "thank you" and walking off?