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Raycom UNC Blog Post: Playing ECU

Prior to the season I was asked by the good folks at Raycom Sports to be a writer on their newly formed blog network. I am joining a few other UNC bloggers in contributing original material to a Raycom's North Carolina blog. Here is an excerpt from my latest post.

So when ECU comes to town it is like being a teenager and playing baseball with your friends only to have your eight year old brother come out and want to play as well. It is annoying and most of the time all he does is strike out when he bats or drops the ball while he is in the field. Then again every once in awhile he gets good wood on one of your pitches and lights you up for home run. When that happens it does not matter how many times you struck him out, hit the ball over his head or gave him a wedgie between innings, you will never, ever live it down. He will run home to tell mama and daddy how he hit a home run off you. Whatever protests you offer are pointless. And the fact you could run him off the court in basketball or outsprint him in a 100 meter race or even beat him 26 straight times in Connect Four means nothing, that triumphant home run will last forever.

Be sure to read the whole thing.