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Rumors Of Pianalto's Demise Greatly Exaggerated?

On Monday Zack Pianalto had X-rays done on his dislocated foot suffered while celebrating his game tying TD reception. No break was found in the foot which is great news in terms of a possible Pianalto return. Generally with dislocations you worry about whether there was a fracture along with the dislocation. In this case there was not which means the only question is how much ligament/tendon damage was done by the dislocation. Pianalto will probably have an MRI done to make that determination. Until something definite is known, Butch Davis has decided to be coy about Pianalto's availability for the ECU game saying: "I don't know that he's going to be out." Whether that is gamesmanship on the part of Davis or simply being vague because the current medical info on Pianalto is equally vague remains to be seen.

In other injury news, Davis indicated that Bobby Rome has been cleared to return after battling H1N1 flu symptoms. The jury is still out on Jonathan Cooper and Lowell Dyer which are perhaps the two more important pieces of the offensive puzzle heading into Saturday.