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Sporting News Names Hansbrough College Basketball Player of the Decade

So technically, right now he is also the college basketball player of the 21st century as well.

First of all here is the list they were working from:


2000: Kenyon Martin
2001: Shane Battier
2002: Jason Williams
2003: T.J. Ford
2004: Jameer Nelson
2005: Dee Brown
2006: J.J. Redick
2007: Kevin Durant
2008: Tyler Hansbrough
2009: Blake Griffin

Tyler Hansbrough beat out Duke's Jason Williams for the honor. Hansbrough, Williams and Battier are the only players on the above list who own national title rings. Out of those three only Hansbrough and Williams won the title and was a consensus NPOY at some point in their career. Hansbrough separates himself from Williams by being the all time leading scorer in UNC and ACC history as well as simply being a force of nature each of his four years on campus. Oh yeah and unlike Williams, Hansbrough was actually capable of making his free throws. Here is what TSN had to say about Hansbrough:

It may well be true that there wasn't a single moment of Hansbrough's college career when he was the most talented player on the court. But he was always the most influential. From his first game to his championship finale, Hansbrough was feted far and wide for playing with unwavering effort. Though some rival fans tired of hearing the praise, even they would have to agree: Hansbrough provided four years of education for young players everywhere.

Also, as part of these awards Roy Williams was named the coach of the decade for his five Final Fours(2 at Kansas, 3 at UNC) and two titles plus winning 158 games in the past five years alone. Let's see: UNC player considered the best of the decade. UNC coach considered the best of the decade. The Tar Heels averaging 31 wins per season in the past five years which included three Final Four trips and two national titles. This is as close to roll of dynastic proportions as you can get in this era of roster turnover and parity.