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Wake Forest 92, UNC 89

I'm getting really tired of seeing opposing fans rush the court.

I think the entire game can be summed up with one play, when UNC, having cut the lead to four on two consecutive Wayne Ellington three-pointers with two minutes remaining, have a chance to cut the lead to a single possession. The shot is a three-pointer by... Tyler Hansbrough, which clanks horribly off the rim, bouncing to Chas McFarland who lumbered down the court for a layup extending the lead back to six. There's the game; poor decisions and Wake Forest running in the manner UNC usually does. 

It didn't help that the next trip down the court was a missed Will Graves three, or that UNC repeatedly was forced to call timeouts after failing to inbound the ball under the basket or that with long stretches in the second half Wake had Johnson and Aminu on the bench in foul trouble and UNC still couldn't take control of the game. Not to mention for the second ACC game in a row a point guard who's really a shooting guard went off for 25+ points.

Carolina needs to look back at what's gotten them here - turnovers and non-existent perimeter shooting. It's a lot easer to shut down Hansbrough when you can abandon the perimeter and collapse three defenders on the guy. I've seen more disappointing starts to the ACC, so I'm only somewhat worried, but "somewhat" is definitely worse than the promise this team started the year with.