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More Quick Thoughts on Wake Forest

  • The "UNC let Jeff Teague go off for thirty-four points" observation does not explain the loss last night. Last season, the Heels allowed Tyrese Rice to put up forty-six points... in a ten point Carolina win. And the game wasn't as close as that margin would lead you to believe. UNC can usually handle an offense player having a superb night, because the more the offense is funneled through one player, the better handle Carolina has on the rest of the game, dominating the boards, starting fast breaks by knowing where the opponent's shot is coming from, that sort of thing. This was not that case; Wake had numerous offensive options and availed themselves of all of them.
  • Larry Drew seemed to have a good game, but his stat line shows 1 for 3 shooting and four turnovers in only six minutes of play. Either my perception of that brief playing time was horribly off, or he did a lot of things that didn't show up in the stat line.
  • Ed Davis, however, did reasonably well despite falling into foul trouble. Unfortunately, it was overshadowed by the freshmen on the other team who played considerably better.
  • Deon Thompson looked like the youngest player on the court. He wasn't, in that's not a good thing.
  • I'm not the only one flashing back to 1997. Those three games were considerably worse to suffer through as a fan than this week has been. It did produce a great comic, though.