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UNC 108, College of Charleston 70

So it turns out College of Charleston is still called "College of Charleston" and not "Charleston." And they're 38 points worse than UNC, who it turns, out is not entering a death spiral spelling the doom of the program, but is instead providing its loyal fans free biscuits. Who'd a thunk it?

UNC played their typical game, dominating the boards and getting plenty of steals, and actually had a decent percentage from the perimeter, shooting seven of fifteen to break 40% for the first time since UNC-Asheville.

Sure, it's a largely meaningless the Heels were supposed to win, but those were hard to come by in the ACC tonight, as Maryland lost to Morgan State and Boston College followed up their UNC upset by falling to... Harvard. Don't expect to see either of those opponents come March - the Crimson are 8-6, and Morgan State is 6-8 (And based out of Baltimore, if you're curious, a fact that none of my party knew, despite them all being residents of the state of Maryland.)

The loss to Harvard I find fascinating. There was an uncanny trend in 2007 for the teams that played UNC to lose their following game, no matter how they played against the Heels. This trend held up right through the postseason, where Duke went out in the opening round of the ACCs after last playing UNC, and Georgetown stumbled against Ohio State after ending Carolina's season. If the trend holds for this year, look to call a lot of bizarre upsets by going against Carolina's victims.