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2009 Unbalanced ACC Basketball Schedule

As promised, (if tardy) I thought I'd lay out the imbalances in the ACC basketball schedule. Remember, each team has three opponents they only play at home and three they only meet on the road, in addition to the five teams they play twice in-conference:

Team Home Only Away Only
Boston College Clemson / Duke / Florida State Maryland / UNC / Virginia
Clemson Duke / Maryland / N.C. State Boston College / Miami / UNC
Duke Miami / N.C. State / Virginia Boston College / Clemson / Georgia Tech
Florida State Georgia Tech / Maryland / UNC
Boston College / N.C. State / Wake Forest
Georgia Tech Duke / Miami / Virginia Florida State / UNC / Virginia Tech
Maryland Boston College / Virginia Tech / Wake Forest Clemson / Florida State / N.C. State
Miami Clemson / Virginia Tech / Wake Forest Duke / Georgia Tech / Virginia
North Carolina Boston College / Clemson / Georgia Tech Florida State / Virginia Tech / Wake Forest
N.C. State Florida State / Maryland / Virginia Clemson / Duke / Virginia Tech
Virginia Boston College / Miami / Wake Forest Duke / Georgia Tech / N.C. State
Virginia Tech Georgia Tech / UNC / N.C. State Maryland / Miami / Wake Forest
Wake Forest Florida State / UNC / Virginia Tech Maryland / Miami / Virginia 

The lucky triumverate this season are Boston College, Clemson and Georgia Tech, all of who avoid Cameron Indoor and only play UNC once. BC probably gets the edge for best overall, as they only face still-undefeated Clemson on their home court. Pity poor N.C. State, who because of rivalries always draws UNC and Clemson Wake Forest twice a year, and this season has it compounded by facing BC twice and only getting road games against Duke and Clemson.