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Making Carolina Kids Smarter: DonorsChoose Fundraiser 2009

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We here at SB Nation have decided to use our unquestioned control over you, the reader, for good instead of evil, and as such are presenting the 1st Annual SB Nation DonorsChoose Challenge. For those of you who haven't heard of DonorsChoose, they're an organization that solicits requests from teachers for supplies their school districts don't have the money to provide. Then they allow the greater internets to pick a classroom and donate cash to get the supplies they need.

So what we've done, like many blogs across the internet, is set up individual challenge pages for each of the participating blogs. Here's mine. I've thrown up eight or so classrooms in North Carolina looking for science equipment; the North Carolina connection is obvious, and as a scientist I'm going to steer the money towards what thrilled me as a kid. So if you feel like it, toss them some money. You may help a future Carolina fan or player get into Chapel Hill.

And if you don't feel like giving money, I'm not above bribing you. Here's the PBS tote bag portion of the offer:

For a $50 donation, you get editorial control of the blog, for a post at least. I'll write a blog post on any reasonable topic of your choosing, within 48 hours of you requesting it. (Because if I don't get it out in 48 hours, I'll let it slide for months. It also limits the post quality as well, so be warned.) If there's nothing interesting you want to read from me, I'm sure there's something ridiculous. Have at it.

For a $150 donation, you get the T-shirt that powered UNC to an ignoble defeat in Atlanta. (Because again, the clothing is very important.) Not the one I was wearing, but a new one from the same company, in any one of a couple of styles they happen to have. 

I'm also pushing the corporate overlords to throw some random incentives as well, raffle-style, so I'll let you know how that goes. To claim an incentive, just forward the confirmation e-mail from DonorsChoose to me. The e-mail address is under the envelope at the bottom left of the screen.

So there you go. Do some good, get some stuff. If you've got a bit of disposable cash, consider tossing it some kids' way.