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UNC Is Still Better Than Duke

Forget football – I know what you've really been hungering for. Yep, you can't live without reports on this season's Carlyle Cup race, where UNC and Duke square off in 23 sports to see exactly how many ways Carolina can defeat the Blue Devils in any particular year. So far this season, Duke has had to face the undefeated and top-ranked women's soccer team, the undefeated and second-ranked women's field hockey team, and the at the time undefeated and second-ranked men's soccer team.

Things went rather poorly for the folks from Durham.

Surprisingly enough, Duke had the greatest success in women's soccer, in a game that was scoreless for the first eighty-three minutes that was suddenly pushed into overtime when the teams exchanged goals in the final seven minutes of regulation. It was the first goal scored on the Heels since August 22nd. True, the Heels had lost two players to injury and were missing two others, Ashlyn Harris (goalie) and Tobin Heath (midfield) due to national team commitments, but no one wants to be in the presence of Duke students any longer than they have to. UNC would go on to win in overtime after Alyssa Rich scored in her first career start.

The other two Duke games weren't nearly as close. The men's soccer team also won 2-1, holding Due to a paltry five shots on goal and none in the first half. The field hockey team absolutely destroyed the Blue Devils, outscoring them 7-0 on goals from five different players; compare that to Duke's offense, which only managed three shots on goal the entire game. How badass is the field hockey team? They've got a player out there allergic to her own sweat. I now feel bad for every excuse I've given for not going out for a run. Duke at the time was ranked twelfth – field hockey being a particularly small sport – while UNC remains second, stuck between undefeated Maryland in first place and undefeated Virginia at third. The Heels play both teams on Saturday's this month.