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Why You Should Care About Virginia vs. Maryland

Yeah, it's a slow day for ACC football. Outside of the Tech-Tech matchup for the ACC Coastal lead, there's not much to hold your attention if you're a Carolina fan. So let me direct your attention to the Cavaliers-Terrapins game over in College Park. It won't be good football, and at best one team has the chance to come away with a .500 record for the season, but there is a streak to keep alive.

There has been five interdivision games so far this season between the Atlantic and the Coastal teams, and the Coastal team has won all five. Georgia Tech has taken two of them, and Miami, Virginia Tech and Duke (!) have all scored a win for the division. The Atlantic has beaten the Coastal 11 games to 7 in each of the last three seasons, in part because Duke had never won an interdivisional game until last week. But now with the Atlantic in disarray, the Coastal is looking like the tougher route to Tampa this year. So if you want a reason to be invested in the game, there you go. And if the thought of cheering for the Cavaliers is a little too nauseating, you can always figure that any slim hopes the Tar Heels may have of somehow stumbling into the championship game can only be helped by a Maryland win.

A couple of other tidbits:


  • Going into last week's N.C. State - Duke game, the Wolfpack had the longest streak of interdivisional wins with at six. Now it's Georgia Tech with five.
  • North Carolina is 5-7 in interdivisional play, and it's one of the few places where John Bunting had a better record than Butch Davis. The two game losing streak to the Wolfpack doesn't help in that regard.