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Tickets, Tattoos and Ticked-Off Coaches

Not much going on with the basketball team, beyond there was a late night pseudo-practice, and now there are normal practices. A couple of things have caught my interest, though:

  • The CAA is changing student ticket distribution. This is the exact opposite of news; I seem to recall the CAA changing ticket distribution every year I was there, and I'm sure they've continued that trend since I left. Anyway, now it's an e-mail lottery with tickets distributed to the winners at 5:15 the day before game. This year a lottery nets you one ticket and not two. 
  • I'm kind of thrown by the Guthrdige-not-talking-to-Williams story, especially the number of fans who side with Guthridge. I always looked at the Williams-at-Kansas through the lens of a previous coach involved with the Jayhawks – Dean Smith. Don't forget, Smith turned down an opportunity to return to his alma mater and coach at Kansas to stay at UNC. I'm convinced Williams would have stayed in Lawrence indefinitely had Bob Frederick not been pushed out there and UNC had not fallen so far so quickly. I never faulted him for turning UNC down the first time, and I can't understand why Guthridge or Folger would.
  • Want to see Marcus Ginyard's tattoos? Even if one of them is of Alexandria, VA, which has to rank among the last skylines I'd ever see translated to ink? No? Then here's an article on a bad idea for a pedestrian bridge across South Street. Urban planning gave up on those things years ago, Trustees.