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Sidney Lowe and His Team's Tempo

Backing the Pack has a great round-up of Sidney Lowe's promises to push the tempo every season, going back a full year. Of course, he's been making those promises for much longer than that. Still, the Valvano quote he tosses out at the end pretty much sums it all up:

"In the fall I always say we're going to play faster. I even drive my car faster and eat faster," says coach Jim Valvano. "Then by the end of the year we're playing half court."

As much as I disliked the man, Valvano was always good for a quote, wasn't he? (1987 was the year of two double overtime games in the semifinals, and State winning their last ACC tournament in a low scoring game over the Heels. UNC was an Elite Eight team, and the Wolfpack a first rounder.)