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Florida State 30, UNC 27

I'll give Carolina this, they're not content to rest on their laurels. No, this team goes out and finds new and exciting ways to lose. Up 24 to 6 in the 3rd, a lead that would have been greater had not a silly holding penalty called back an  80-yard touchdown late in the first half, what do the Heels do? Give up 300 yards in the third quarter, almost all on the arm of Christian Ponder, who finished with 395 yards on 33 of 40 passing. Add to that an interception in double coverage on first down in FSU territory and somehow failing to capitalize on the greatest running performance the team has put together on two fourth quarter series, and you've got Carolina football.

Somehow this team came out of the locker room and just stopped trying, from the coaches deciding to punt from the FSU 44 down three to a defense that kept getting beat on simple pass plays. It's the most disheartening half of football I've seen this season to date; at least the other losses were constant exercises in futility. Tonight UNC showed they could string together some excellent football and then just... stopped.

Ah well. Seven days until they get the opportunity to bore another ESPN audience. What sort of loss will they pull out of their bag of tricks in Blacksburg?