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ACC Week #5: Preview

Only two out of conference games this one, both of them sort of important in terms of carrying the conference flag.

Georgia Tech travels to Mississippi St. in an ACC-SEC battle. The Bulldogs came very close to knocking off LSU last week which means they could be rolling or will be in letdown mode and ripe for the picking. The same could be said for Georgia Tech after a huge game versus UNC. The likely outcome here is Mississippi St will have no clue what to do with the triple option.

The other out of conference game and probably the more important of the two is Miami hosting Oklahoma. After losing to Virginia Tech, Miami was exposed as being only a ranked team as opposed to a national title contending team. A win over the Sooners, despite not facing Sam Bradford, will serve to validate the first two wins of the season over FSU and Georgia Tech.

The rest of the games are conference matchups. UNC, Virginia Tech and Clemson are all in "should win" games though Maryland and UVa could make their respective games closer than expected. Duke has not prayer versus the Hokies. No. prayer.

FSU at BC is an interesting game since BC has been slightly better than we all thought they would and no one knows which FSU team will show up. If the Seminoles follow the pattern then this is a "good week" and they should win without much trouble. NC State travels to Winston-Salem for an extremely dangerous matchup with Wake Forest. It is nearly impossible to simply toss the Deacs aside regardless of the losses on their schedule. Jim Grobe is simply too good of a coach and Riley Skinner is one of the better QBs in the ACC. NCSU on the other hand has quite the roll going and looked very good on both sides of the ball versus Pitt. The question is how they respond being on the road for the first time this season and coming off a nice win last week. Wake Forest winning here would not surprise me but given the nature of the Atlantic Division, this is a game NCSU really cannot afford to lose.


Clemson 28 Maryland 13
Virginia Tech 49 Duke 9
UNC 35 Virginia 10
FSU 27 BC 20
NCSU 28 Wake 27
Georgia Tech 33 MSU 16
Oklahoma 31 Miami 24