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ACC Week #5: Review

Miami did get a huge win over Oklahoma. Granted Sam Bradford did not play and the Miami secondary is suspect but the Canes and ACC will take it. Now say "swagger" 20 times in a row. In the other non-conference game, Georgia Tech took care of Mississippi St.

The rest of was conference business. In the Coastal, Duke managed a ton of yards on Virginia Tech and hit two FGs over 40 yards. VT apparently continues to impress on offense? Yeah, it does not make a like of sense to me either.

In the Atlantic, it is a bizzaro world. Here is the predicted finish of the Atlantic according to the media:

1. FSU
2. Clemson
4. Wake Forest
5. Maryland
6. Boston College

Here are the current standings:

1. Maryland
2. Boston College
3. Wake Forest
4. Clemson
6. FSU

Yeah, they got that one nailed don't they? Not that it will hold but what kind of screwed up world are we living in when a team that needed OT to beat James Madison and lost to Middle Tennessee State has the division lead outright. FSU might be done and if Bobby Bowden coaches another season in Tallahassee I will be shocked. Boston College continues to prove everyone wrong for yet another season. And apparently Russell Wilson is capable of throwing INTs.