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ACC Week #6: Review

Defense? We don't need no stinking defense!

Eleven ACC teams were in action on Saturday, eight of them scored 40 points or more. Three of those were against out of conference competition. The other five were in ACC games. In fact Boston College was the only ACC team that did not do much of anything on offense. NCSU in their loss to Duke had 28 points and Maryland put up 32 on Wake Forest.

Duke's win in Raleigh rates as the biggest shocker of the weekend though not for the fact Duke won but for 49 points the Devils hung on NCSU. The Wolfpack had no answer for the Duke passing game. Usually teams find a way to stop an offense or at the very least get a stop here and there to keep your offense in the game. That simply did not happen and that kind of lack of adjustment tends to fall heavily on the coaches.

FSU and Georgia Tech had zero interest in playing meaningful defense. Georgia Tech appears to have their offense all figured out which should make for an interesting game next week when Virginia Tech comes calling. FSU continues to march towards irrelevance with Bobby Bowden securely at the wheel because for some reason people are unwilling to do the best thing for the program simply because a coach has been very successful. Yes, Bowden has earned the right to name his retirement date but that assume he would balance his own self interest with that of the program. Bowden is not doing that and if this were any company with a CEO making bad choices(re-hiring Chuck Amato, hiring his own son to be OC, etc.) the board would move for his removal regardless of what said CEO had done in the past. For some reason we are willing to put up with coaches well past their prime even if they insist on running the program into the ground. At any rate, FSU is 0-3 in the ACC for the first time ever and quite frankly UNC could do without an hungry FSU team coming to Chapel Hill in 12 days.

Wake Forest asserts control in the Atlantic and that division could well be decided next week at Clemson when Wake heads down there.

Finally, how many lives does Al Groh have? After looking like the worst team in college football for three weeks now the Cavaliers are world beaters.