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ACC Week #7: Preview

Abbreviated schedule.

The Atlantic Division is a complete mess and it appears the teams on that side are intent upon testing the limits of the tiebreaker rules. Wake Forest can do something this weekend to seize control of the division and put themselves on an inside track to the ACC Championship game. All the Deacs have to do is beat Clemson in Death Valley. Yeah, I don't think that is happening, not so much for the Death Valley part but because this division is not destined to be anything other than something the cat coughed up.

NCSU travels to Boston College for the annual Tom O'Brien Bowl. NCSU needs a win badly or this season is basically over. The Pack would not have enough winnable games left on the schedule to qualify for a bowl. However a loss in this one would serve up tons of entertainment for the rest of us. BC is still in the division race and even with three losses would probably still be in the division race.

I could not care less about the craptastic nature of UVa at Maryland same goes for Miami vs Central Florida.

And in the only Coastal Division game, Virginia Tech could clinch the a title game spot. Not mathematically mind you but a win over Georgia Tech would give them wins over the two closest threats to them which stakes them to a two game lead. Also, the Hokies would be set for an 8-0 ACC finish for the first time in their history since there is no one on the backside of their schedule that stands to worry them too much.

Clemson 20 Wake 16
NCSU 34 BC 31
Maryland 10 UVa 9
Virginia Tech 33 GT 30
Miami 42 UCF 10